Hello everyone, my name is Chad and I’ve been active in what most would call the “truth community” since about 2011. In the course of my work and making videos I had the good fortune of meeting an amazing woman who is completely awake and aware. Our conversations are interesting and passionate, never one-sided or dull. The level of sharing and trust is incomparable to any relationship I’ve ever had. Being able to connect on that level is something I want to bring to as many people as possible. I couldn’t believe such a service didn’t exist already but where there’s a will, there’s a way! 

I will never sell your data and will actively work to improve security on the site. I believe a service like this should strive to be secure and honest and there are a lot of things I wish to implement if I can acquire the finances, such as encrypted messaging between users. I work with people I trust and lead the charge on any decisions made. If it isn’t in the best interest of my users I won’t allow it. This site is backed by a legitimate LLC and robust Terms of Service Agreement and Privacy Policy drafted by attorneys. Your payments are secure and not stored on our servers as they are processed through Stripe. Your comments, concerns, feedback or suggestions can be relayed to me or somebody on my team via the contact page and will be addressed in a timely manner.